See, smell, taste, feel, hear and rock your senses!


Sencity is an unique way of getting everything out of your night. This party goes beyond music, all senses are stimulated at this party! With expressive dancers, a SenseFloor, taste-sensations, video-projections, light effects, sign interpreters and smells the music event transforms in a overall experience.

Sencity is for both deaf and hearing people the perfect night out!


Minimum age is 16 (depending on local regulations, check organization to be sure), for purchasing hard liquor there is a minimum age of 18. Valid ID is required.

Sencity Kids

Sencity Kids is a fun and informative day on which deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing children come together and learn from one another and others about senses and sense-stimulation. Various workshops will teach the children about sense-stimulation and how it is to miss a certain sense and that this, instead of a limitation, can also be seen as a talent and inspiration. After the workshops there will be a sense-stimulating music event that the children will remember for a long time!

Sencity Pop-Up

Sencity Pop-Up is a collaboration with another event or festival. As part of an existing initiative, Sencity Pop-Up shows its innovative and inspiring concept, with all its sense stimulation, the best line-up’s and surprises that you can expect from a Sencity.


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Sencity is an initiative of Possibilize