The Podiumbeest Awards are back! On Sunday 21 January, bands will compete in Venue Utrecht. A deaf jury determines which bands excel in this band competition





On Sunday 21 January, bands will compete during the Podiumbeest Awards 2018 in The Venue in Utrecht. A deaf jury determines in this band competition which bands excel in giving an exuberant show that is non-verbally just as attractive as musical. Three bands will continue to the final during Sencity Festival in TivoliVredenburg on Saturday 10 March where the audience will choose the winner.

The three finalists will be coached by Bas Barnasconi (frontman of Bazzookas) and Gemma Hauptmeijer (sensory direction Sencity Festival) prior to their performance in TivoliVredenburg. These professionals from the field go with the bands in search of what they want to convey on stage. For example, they investigate which smells and colors match the emotion of their music. A big challenge, in which bands are encouraged to step outside the familiar frameworks and to look at their music and performance from a different perspective.

The jury of the Podiumbeest Awards consists of deaf members of the training team of Sencity Festival. These young people work on specific learning objectives within a project, such as giving their opinions more or better, speaking to a large group of people, working on music or being involved in the programming of the festival.

Sencity Festival is an initiative of Possibilize and is the sensory stimulating festival for deaf, hearing-impaired and hearing young people. The program is full of concerts, workshops, interactive art installations, inspiring deaf speakers and many other surprising and stimulating experiences. For the optimal experience, not only is an appeal made to the hearing, but also to sight, feeling, smell and taste.

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Sencity is an initiative of Possibilize