Dio & Band
After a successful collaboration with Dutch rap artists, Dio will perform with its band at Sencity Amsterdam. If there was a time-machine, we would make use of it, as we cannot wait for them to perform!

A Polaroid View
A Polaroid View has impressed and gained a lot of attention through 3FM’s ‘Serious Talent’. Their fresh and catchy sounds already brought them gigs such as being the warm-up for ‘The Naked and Famous’ and enabled them to play at the festival ‘Noorderslag’.

Convoi Exceptional
Convoi Expectional stand out for their recognizable sound being a mix of drum and saxofon sounds. The act consists of 5 young men who originally started performing their energetic rhythms on the streets. In the mean time a lot changed and they got used to play in front of big audiences.

Jess & Miss
These two DJanes can music-wise be categorized as a combination of Tech House and groovy Funky House. They share a big passion for house music and deliver a very danceable beats that get the people on the dancefloor moving.

Luke Verano
Sencity Amsterdam will be closed by none other than DJ Luke Verano who in the past brilliantly performed on various events next to big names such as Erick E, Fuckadelic or The Flexican.

The Kevin Spacies
Enjoy the latin-lounge-music from Kristel and Jolien, also known as 'The Kevin Spacies'

Mikey Biemans
Show us your moves on the dancefloor during the fantastic gig from DJ Mikey Biemans!

Rosa Ensemble
Rosa Ensemble can best be described as a merge of composed and improvised accoustic, as well as electronic, traditional and experimental classic and rock. As you can already imagine their performances are not only very unique but also full of surprises.

Sencity 2012 @ Amsterdam

Weteringschans 6-8
1017 SG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Sencity is an initiative of Possibilize