Sencity Festival will take place at Saturday the 8th of April 2017.

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Sencity Festival 2017

Saturday the 8th of April

De Doelen
Schouwburgplein 50
3012 CL


Program (timetable below)

This year Sencity Festival in Rotterdam will bring an extra-wide program!
In addition to the sense stimulating performances, Handtalks will be back. But there will also be interactive act, workshops, talk shows and a couple more surprises. Sencity festival brings an evening filled with entertainment.
Curious about this year? Find out more under Line-Up

How to reach us

The Sencity Festival main event is between 19:00 - 00:00
After this the Sencity Festival Afterparty will take place until 04:00, with Triphouse Rotterdam.

Coming by train? You can experience the entire main event!
Check out the night schedule of the trains here. De Doelen is a three minute walk away from Rotterdam central station.

Coming by car? Check out the information for parking here.

Consumption coins Sencity Festival

Drinks and food can only be paid for with consumption coins. These coins can be cashed in for money until 03:30 at night.

For everyone visiting Sencity Festival it is mandatory to bring identification. Minimum age for Sencity Festival is 16 years. For drinking and buying alcohol you must be 18 years old. At the entrance you can pick up your 18- of 18+ wristband.

Line up

triphouse_logo_boven elkaar

Triphouse Rotterdam

Triphouse Rotterdam is an independent music collective of creative people. They have a headquarters and shop combined. Here they welcome everyone with a passion for electronic music. Triphouse provides a platform where everyone can express themselves, a truly unique place. They DJ's of Triphouse will perform at the after party of Sencity. Check out there Facebook.


Driftwood penguins

The winners of de Stage Animal Awards 2017!

With their energetic performance they have conquered the hearts of the jury and of the audience. The price? A performance at Sencity Festival 2017 in De Doelen.Driftwood Penguins is a band from Roosendaal. With their compelling energy and great group dynamic they give their own twist to the Rock/Pop genre. The name of the band is a metaphor for their ambitious journey as musicians.Last July they have released their first single and they have performed at Festival Mundial and Overseas festival in Tilburg.

You can also find them on Facebook.



The four gentleman of Percossa have been turning their percussion act into an amazing show for years now. They combine humor and a tough character to create a surprising and compelling act. With the help of directors Karel de Rooij, Hans minnaert and Jos Thie they are creating an entirely new show for Sencity Festival.

Tom klein

Tom Uittenbogert

Tom is a deaf entrepreneur for Gebarentaal voor iedereen, and 1.2 communication.
Besides this he is also a research assistant at the Radboud University.
Tom is also the chairman of stichting Gay Dead on Tour and a board member of Dovenschap.
Come listen to Toms inspirational story at Handtalks!



Comical duo Maloes is coming to Sencity festival!
Marina is well known on Facebook for her funny videos in which she shows how it is for two deaf people to live together.
She makes these videos with her husband and together they travel the world.
Duo Maloes is coming to Sencity to talk about the videos and of course, they will also to a live performance piece.


Veysi Yildirim

Veysi Yildirim, a deaf film maker from Amsterdam is coming to tell us about his documentary Deep Look.
In Deep Loop Veysi shows us portraits of normal people, in slow motion.
This amazing new way of making film has resulted in a beautiful movie.
Veysi is going to tell us about his documentary and will show is a sneak preview of the new version!

11145000_941974835859023_5928416474126229588_o (1)

//Interactive art//
Douwe de Witt

Douwe de Witt is the designer behind living room Twister. You are walking around, not feeling like dancing or seeing bright lights. But how about challenging someone else for some Twister? The only difference is the playing field is now an entire room!

Liset van Dommelen (1)

//Interactive art//
Liset van Dommelen

Liset van Dommelen decided to switch to visual art after completing her theater study. Ever since she manages to bring together different art forms in het art concepts. Liset loves sharing this passion through different community art projects and workshops.
For Sencity Festival Liset het made the "Mirror Me" interactive art concept. You will get to now new people not with words, but through movement. The mirrors are made by Mister van Houten.


//Interactive art//
Studio Maky

Studio MAKY turns colorful designs and concepts into real life installations and interactive activities, specialized for events and cultural projects. Man-yee Mok, multimedia designer and animator, and illustrator and designer Kwannie Tang have a passion for building their own designs. Theart projects are characterized as being humoristic, illustrative and with colorful designs, made with a lot of dedication.
Sense the interaction is they design everyone will be able to experience during Sencity. But we are not yet going to tell what it is!
Check out their Facebook.


//Interacive art//
Space Monkeys - media designers

Ian Macleod Cassels makes a lot of different designs. His amazing artworks bring people together and are being shown all around the world. Humor and irony always have a place in his designs. During the afterparty of Sencity Festival, where the Triphouse Rotterdam DJ's will spin the records, you can be part of the Space Monkeys interactive design.


//Sencity Late Night//

Sencity Festival is made possible by a lot of people. During this talkshow you will get to know some of them.
An interview with a band member who just performed, a conversation with someone who is responsible for the decoration of Sencity Festival or an artist who will speak about their interactive art installation.
Be surprised! We will soon anounce who is going to speak.



Feeling inspired by all those amazing things at Sencity Festival?
Participate in one of the workshops at Sencity Festival.
We will tell you soon which workshops you will be able to participate in!

Time Table

19.00 uurDeuren open
19.30 uur - 20.00 uurPossibilizing - Boek presentatiePossibilize Stage
20.15 uur - 20.30 uurSignsarioSense Stage
20.30 uur - 21.00 uurTom UittenbogertPossibilize Stage
20.45 uur - 21.30 uurDriftwood PenguinsSense Stage
21.30 uur - 22.00 uurVeysi YildirimPossibilize Stage
22.00 uur - 22.45 uurPercossaSense Stage
22.30 uur - 23.00 uurMaloesPossibilize Stage
23.15 uur - 00.00 uurSencity Late NightPossibilize Stage
23.15 uur - 04.00 uurTriphouse Rotterdam AfterpartySense Stage
Sencity Festival 2017 @ Rotterdam made possible by:
Swedoro NSGK VSB fonds 21 Fonds DBL boschhuyse verhagen Vaillantfonds Logo_Neyenburgh
Sencity is an initiative of Possibilize