Speakers from all over the world will tell their inspiring stories about how they used their deafness as a talent.

Sencity Handtalks


19:00 - 21:30



Sencity Handtalks

Speakers from the Netherlands and foreign countries will tell you their inspiring stories in sign language. They will share with you how they used their deafness as a tool by means of Possibilizing (thinking and handling in possibilities). All of them proved themselves in setting up inspiring projects, in the world of sports and politics.

The speakers will tell their stories in sign language. Sencity Handtalks will provide interpreters so it is also accessible for hearing people.

Spreakers will be translated into:

Dutch Sign Language
International Sign
Spoken Dutch
Writing Interpreter in Dutch

Line up


Deepa Shastri

The first speaker at Sencity Handtalks is Deepa Shastri from London! Actress and working for StageText – providing accessibility in several cultural organisations in London. She will be talking about her journey and give some interesting tips.

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Dennis Hoogeveen

Language is something that will allow us to access a community, but what if a society is mainly using only one language? He explains us how important language is in a community.

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Bart Koolen

Bart Koolen is a deaf illustrator who works for several clients. His motivation is 'dare'. By daring, you can accomplish a lot. Scary things become less scary, gates will open and there will be a whole new world in front of you.

Roos Wattel

Roos and Martine Wattel

When they were young, Martine and Roos realized that, because of their deafness, they lived in one world, but always could visit the ‘other’ world. As they grew older, they realized that sharing your experiences and learn from each other's qualities is very important. They have now set up their own business called Wattelt (what counts).

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Sencity is an initiative of Possibilize